Posted: Feb 17 2014
by: Lush Blog

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Curling In The Winter Olympics - Perfect Womans Sport

The Winter Olympics has finally begun! Sochi 2014 is well underway and the games are now a go. The best sport at the games has to be the Ice Hockey, and USA have just beat Russia in their own back yard, Putin did not look too happy.

One of the most strange looking sports is Curling. What is curling? Well the players slide stones down the ice into the target and try to outwit and out score each other. If you've seen it before you'll of seen them sweeping the ice, making the stones go quicker or slower, and more importantly curling the stones.

It's a strange old game, but so addictve to watch. Find yourself sitting watching it to see what's going on, and an hour later you'll still be watching.

We've come up with this cool and humourous t-shirt, our women's curling team T-Shirt. Featuring a funny slogan along with a curling logo, those with a sense of humour will love it. A sport finally designed for woman, i.e. one which involves sweeping, it's perfectly suited to the ladies.

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