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Posted: Feb 18 2014
by: Lush Blog

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Slogan T Shirts This Week

We have added a whole host of slogan t shirts to our collections today. This week's new additions include ones for the selfie lovers, a funny pirate design and an ironic sarcastic design.

Our Selfie T Shirts are on trend and fashion forward. For the cool, hipster type who cannot go a day without taking a picture of themselves, we have the selfie design. A self taken photo is all the rage, and has been for a couple of years, who could forget Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper taking selfies last year at Wimbledon. We have both a ladies and gents fit for this top.

If you are nothing special, you're not the smartest, funniest or prettiest than you're probably the average guy. Our Average Achiever top would be well suited to you. An ironic print, you can let the world know about your averageness.

Pirates are awesome, you know it and we know it. International Pirate Day is a hilarious idea, and now you can dress the part with our To Arr Is Pirate tee. Complete with crossed swords and skull, the slogan is printed in a curved way which looks pretty neat on a black tee, with other colours available.

You can shop for all these slogan t-shirts right now on our store.

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