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Posted: Feb 10 2014
by: Lush Blog

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Benefits Street TV Show

Have you been watching our favourite show, Benefits Street on Channel 4? If you have not you have missed probably the best reality TV show this year. Not scripted reality, there's not the teenage style drama of other shows, just real, raw reality, with an outlook on the real Britain.

Every show needs it's stars, and this one is no different. White Dee, Black Dee, Fungi with a whole host of others. The show takes a look at the state of Britain, in what's said to be one of the poorest streets in the UK. Tails of Bulgarian immigrants, rubbish not being collected, stealing from shops and community spirit.

The best story of the show is the 50p man, smoggy, who sold literally anything in small quantities for 50p a go. His entrepreneurial nature has not gone unnoticed, and it's said he's been offered jobs on the back of his hard work.

Check out our Benefits Street T Shirt which is available to buy now. Our design is inspired from a traditional street style, with a bit of design tweek. The humourous graphic has an iconic slogan with the print in black and red. In all sizes and black or white tees in colour.

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