Posted: Feb 12 2014
by: Lush Blog

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Flappy Bird Phones Selling On eBay


One of the most talked about games of the past couple of weeks has been flappy bird. The difficult yet addictive game has gained in popularity, despite it being a year or so old. Even though it was said to be making the developer $50,000 a day in revenue, he decided enough was enough, and chose to remove the game from the Apple App Store and Google Play Android Store.

The news has not been taken well to those who have not downloaded the game yet, who are not happy. If you've previously downloaded the game you can still play, but many have missed out.

Fortunately it's eBay to the rescue, and those with the games are selling their iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and other devices, for huge amounts of money.

So, how much did you love the game? You can get our cool flappy bird t shirt right now.A hilarious take on the game, which frustrates people trying to beat their previous high score, and become the flappy bird champion. What was your high score?

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