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Posted: Aug 13 2013
by: Lush Blog

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T-Shirt Necklines: Know Your Types Of Neckline Cuts

T Shirts come in all different colours, sizes, designs and fits. They all also come in different neckline types and cuts. The more traditional types of neckline are the crew neck, also called a round neck collar, as well as the V Neck. Both are quite self explanatory, but as fashion changes and styles change we have seen new cuts and re-worked cuts of the collar come around from fashion designers across the globe.

The traditional neckline Types

A Round neck collar is also called a crew neck. The term round neck describes it perfectly well, because as you'd imagine it does have a round neck. This is probbaly the most popular and designed type of style you could get, and is found on the most basic of tees as well as the high end designer garments from fashion houses. They can be worn as an undergarment as well as a piece on their own, and are popular amongst men as well as women.

V Neck collars are also a very popular and traditional cut. They are as described, a V shaped cut into the top of the shirt, as opposed to a round style of cut. Traditionally in men's style the V shape is rather small, and exposes a small portion of the upper chest. Ladies style can be a little bit of a deeper cut, but as we read on we'll find out this has transitioned into men's fashion too.

The new fashionable cuts - Deeper and bigger

As fashion moves forward things change, tastes change and the style of clothes we wear change too. The neckline for clothing in the men's world as almost always been subtle, and not many variations have been around. This, as opposed to women's clothing which sees a huge numbers of variations in terms of necklines in sweats and t-shirts including deep V necks, O shaped, large scoops and more, there has always been a larger selection available in the women's marketplace.

With more men going to the gym, the average male body is changing, as well as men being more image conscience in general. This is reflected in the types of male clothing designers create and retailers sell, men are exposing more and more of their body, and it starts from the t-shirt.

Scoop Neck

The small scoop neck is very similar to the crew neck collar however is a more oval, bigger cut into the garment. Over the past 3 or 4 years this has gained massively in popularity with more brands using this style as their basic tee and working their way up.

Deep Scoop

Just like the scoop neck, but a deeper cut. This is seen more in brands which target the athletic and image conscience guys, who want to show off their muscles or phisique. If you are looking to show off your guns to the ladies, this could be the type of neckline you are going for.

Deep V Neck

The ultimate in showing off your body is probably the deep V neck cut. Some of the cuts go low enough to touch the floor, and the choice for men to show off their chest. It's probably a good idea to get a wax or shave your chest when wearing these, or you might give yourself a bit of a caveman look.

Whatever your choice of cut is, we are sure you'll find your favourite cool t-shirts at Lush, where we offer a nice round neck collar, or crew neck depending on your choice of wording, in all our men's and women's ranges. All are available in sizes Small to XXL in men's and ladies styles, in all collections and a variety of colours. Buy them now for super fast delivery. We ship worldwide!

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