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Posted: Jun 13 2013
by: Michael Lush

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New In This Week - Women's Geek Tees

This week we have introduced a new section to our website, we now have a section devoted to women's geek t-shrits. For years we have sold many geek and nerd themed tees, but this was a male dominated thing. Over at our geek t-shirts collections you will discover a large range of geeky prints, but this was always aimed at the men's market, on mens clothing.

All that has now changed, and we have the coolest designs available on ladies fitted tops, so if you are a girl who likes gaming or think you're a nerd, we have the perfect choice for you.


This week we've added a couple of designs, let's take a look.

GAME OVER Women's T-Shirt - This design features a pixelated font sporting the slogan Game Over, with three red pixelated hearts in between the words.


Women's Space Invader T-Shirt - This tee has a special neon green print of an alien from the popular game of the 80s, Space Invaders. If you love retro games then you'll love this.


Talk Nerdy To Me Women's Tee - We have done this tee in the past but this time round added it with a twist, some geeky glasses with wrap around text. Looks great on a women's t-shirt and will get you noticed.


We hope you love these, we have more on the way so stay tuned to Lush ;)

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